NFL Schedule Week 16

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers, 1p.m. EST

Does it get much better than this? Football is always better when its biggest rivalries have playoff implications. These teams battled it out to the very end for playoff position and the NFC North title in 2015 and we’ve got another terrific matchup here.

Keys to the Game


Hog the ball and bring down Aaron Rodgers. Now, we both know these are easier said than done, but Minnesota has shown in the past that they can do it. It helps when you have one of the greatest rushers of all time, too. Force Green Bay to beat you with Eddie Lacy and suddenly the Packers aren’t so formidable.

Green Bay

The Packers are at their best when they get Aaron Rodgers some space to go to work. The Minnesota defense won’t be an easy one to crack, which makes establishing the run even more important. The Pack is going to need some extra effort from Eddie Lacy in this one to keep the Viking defense off balance and out of the backfield. Getting out to an early lead and forcing Minnesota to play catchup will virtually lock this one up for Green Bay.