NFL Schedule Week 16

Christmas Night – Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles

Christmas Night in Philadelphia with the Raiders and Eagles. That’s one way to wrap up the second to last week of the regular season. This should be a fun contest to watch, filled with big plays and plenty of scoring. If there’s one game all weekend that can produce a highlight reel worth watching, it’s going to be this one. Both Derek Carr and Carson Wentz can leave your jaw hanging with their playmaking abilities and the defenses aren’t slackers by any means either. Settle in and watch these two bring the fireworks to cap off your Christmas.

Keys to the Game


Oakland is going to need to limit big plays from the Eagles in order to escape Philadelphia victorious. That means playing smart and protecting the football. Philly has a penchant for turning bad plays into touchdowns and completely turning the game’s momentum around. Pounding the rock and limiting the risks they take will be the key to beating the Eagles in this one. It should be an easy win if they don’t give up any defensive touchdowns.


The game plan for Philly will be the exact opposite. They need to force the Raiders into making tough plays and ill-advised passes. That’s when the Eagles strike and they strike big. They turn offensive touchdowns into defensive touchdowns in the blink of an eye and they leave their opponents reeling. That’s how they can beat this Oakland team that’s becoming an offensive juggernaut with the maturation of Derek Carr and Amari Cooper. On the other side of the ball, they’ve got to keep Khalil Mack off of Carson Wentz’s back. If Wentz is under pressure all game, Oakland will have no problem snagging a defensive touchdown of their own and turning the tables on the Eagles.