NFL Schedule Week 16

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers, 4:30p.m. EST


Seattle Seahawks v Baltimore Ravens

Welcome to Christmas Day football. Does it get better than this? I think not. The rivalry between the Ravens and Steelers is as alive and well as ever, despite Baltimore’s lackluster 2015 season. This would be a good game even if both teams were winless.

Keys to the Game


This is an interesting matchup for Baltimore these days. The Ravens are no longer defensive stalwarts, but they don’t boast a potent offense either. They are going need to their pass rushers to get lots of pressure on Roethlisberger, who will be trying to take advantage of Baltimore’s weak secondary. Limiting Pittsburgh’s success through the air will be their biggest key to this matchup.


Without a major offensive weapon at running back or receiver for Pittsburgh to key on, the Steelers can focus on getting to Joe Flacco. As Flacco goes, so does Baltimore, so limiting his effectiveness all but guarantees a victory for the Steelers. However, that will be much easier said than done. Pittsburgh’s multitude of weapons on offense will allow them to attack Baltimore however they please.